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Liquid Nitriding ( Nitro Carburising ) Services

• Can be done on any ferrous material.
• Gives High Surface Hardness ( it’s a skin treatment )
• Excellent anti galling properties.
• Since it is a diffusion process, no dimensional distortion occurs.
• Nitriding + Oxidising gives very good Non-Sticking property.
• Nitriding + Oxidising gives good anti corrosion treatment.
• Presently this facility is available at both the units, though Chakan plant is fully equipped with centralised   laboratory.
• We are having  5 Nitriding Furnaces of 600 mm X 1000 mm and 2 oxidising furnaces of 800 mm X 1200 mm.
• We are having a capacity of 200 Tons per month.
Our Services

• Metal Surface Treatment
Surface Coating Treatment
Cathodic Electro Deposition ( CED )
Liquid Nitriding ( Nitro Carburising )
• MoS2 Coating
• Zinc Aluminium Flakes Coating (ZAC)